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Clients choose Coastal Trademark Services for more than just our personalized service.

We often get asked why companies choose Coastal for trademark registration and trademark services. Although we know that our personalized service is one of our hallmarks, we also pride ourselves on being recognized locally and internationally for our expertise in trademark registration and trademark enforcement. Here are just some of the reasons why successful companies choose Coastal for their trademark services:

1) Friendly, personal trademark service

Whether you are a multinational company with a sizable trademark portfolio, or a small business seeking brand protection for the first time, your business is important to us. We work closely with each of our clients to craft a trademark registration strategy that makes sense for their specific business needs. In our communications, we endeavour to strip away the ‘legalese’ and explain the trademark registration process in a way that is easy for either the experienced or novice trademark owner to understand. We like to get to know our clients and business partners. While email has become the standard mode of communication for most businesses, we recognize that a phone call or a face-to-face meeting is often the best way for us to truly understand one another.

2) Expertise – Our business is trademarks

Successful companies realize the importance of having the right person for the right job. By specializing in trademarks, we have the expertise necessary to advise you and guide you through the trademark registration process. At Coastal, we do not view trademark protection as an afterthought, but rather as an integral part of a company’s business plan. Trademarks are important business assets; we help our clients protect their value through strategic trademark registrations and effective trademark enforcement.

3) Practical, valuable trademark advice

Successful companies recognize that the value of good advice outweighs the cost savings of a do-it-yourself approach to trademark registration. We are equipped to advise clients of potential issues and risks that may be encountered before a trademark is used or an application is filed, so that valuable resources are not wasted developing and marketing a brand that may run into trademark registration or legal issues. Similarly, by ensuring that our clients’ trademark filings are done properly from the start, our clients are not wasting money on trademark registrations that don’t adequately protect their brand, or that will end up being unenforceable because of technical errors. We provide personalized, relevant advice on everything from trademark selection, clearance and use, to trademark registration, enforcement and licensing, to ensure our clients’ trademark rights are well-protected.

4) Reasonable cost for trademark registrations

At Coastal, we recognize that businesses both large and small must keep to a strict budget to remain viable. We work with our clients to develop an appropriate trademark registration strategy for their budget. We believe in straightforward billing practices to avoid surprises and “hidden fees”. Wherever possible, flat fees are quoted up front. Because of the nature of our business, we are able to offer trademark registration fees and rates that are lower than the average law firm. In cases where fees are billed on an hourly basis, our hourly rates are lower than most lawyers’ rates, resulting in significant cost savings compared to law firms. If you would like a quote for a trademark registration or other trademark services, please fill out our quote request form and one of our agents will get back to you within 24 hours.

5) Efficient trademark services

We understand that brand owners are busy and often on a tight schedule. Our streamlined business systems allow us to provide efficient service, while maintaining exceptional service standards. We aim to file applications for trademark registration within 24 hours of receiving full instructions from the client. We also monitor deadlines and take care of all communications with the Trademarks Offices so that our clients can focus on their day to day business.

6) Global trademark protection

We offer worldwide trademark representation. Through our years of operation, we have developed a network of trusted trademark professionals around the world who share our values. Because of our international relationships, we are able to effectively manage international trademark portfolios of any size. Our global services include obtaining trademark registrations, as well as negotiating international co-existence agreements and coordinating global enforcement efforts.

7) Multiple Trademark Agents

The Coastal Trademark Services team includes four registered trademark agents, each 100% dedicated to trademark work, along with experienced support professionals. Our collaborative team structure allows us to provide personal service, while also ensuring that there is always an experienced trademark agent available to answer your questions. We would be pleased to show you why so many great companies choose Coastal Trademark Services for the trademark needs.